Special Education Services

Special Education Services

Introduction to Services Provided by FYI-CSI

World Wide Consulting in Special Education ServicesThe team from FYI-CSI is committed to improving the services for students with unique learning needs. We believe in building an inclusive society and that it starts in the school. By developing this series of workshops/trainings and conferences, we can educate and improve the skill sets of all educators.

The following are areas that our team can offer teams in any setting, anywhere in the world. Our team is comprised of former Directors of Special Education and University Professors that have spent their careers in the field of Special Education.

The areas that we can work with your teams are:
  • Autism
  • Early Childhood
  • Behavior
  • Leadership
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Improving relationships with parents/Parents as advocates
  • Disproportionate Identification of minority students


After training, our team is can follow up and conduct classroom observations that can be followed up with one-on-one meetings with teachers who want recommendations on specific class-wide strategies.


Our team has developed multiple conferences and can providing a panel of experts focusing on any of these areas and can provide discussion at the individual, classroom, or school-wide level We are able to provide a series of handouts that are research-based resources and can be accessed on the internet to ensure that participants know where to access information on implementing class-wide behavior management strategies. Panel/Consultants will share handouts and respond to questions at the end of the session.

Special Education System Analysis

This process allows for schools to bring in outside experts to examine the effectiveness of current services being provided. Are schools meeting the federal and state requirements of the educational needs of the special education student? Are there areas that a district is overspending or underspending monies? This process can allow districts to set goals for improvement over the next couple years. The team from FYI-CSI can also provide trainings in the areas that are noted as areas of concerns. Members of our team have been part of teams that have conducted over 30 analyses over the last 9 years.

Contact FYI-CSI for more information and answers by our team of consultants for services in special education world wide.